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// Florian Maurer

The future of open source augmented reality just got easier to build. Since our last major release, we’ve streamlined Project North Star even further, including improvements to the calibration system and a simplified optics assembly that 3D prints in half the time. Thanks to feedback from the developer community, we’ve focused on lower part counts, […]

今天我们非常高兴分享最新的主要德西gn update for the Leap Motion North Star headset. North Star Release 3 consolidates several months of research and insight into a new set of 3D files and drawings. Our goal with this release is to make Project North Star more inviting, less hacked together, and more […]

This morning, we released an update to the North Star headset assembly. The project CAD files now fit the Leap Motion Controller and add support for alternate headgear and torsion spring hinges. With these incremental additions, we want to broaden the ability to put together a North Star headset of your own. These are still […]